Veteran actor Edward Woodward has been reunited with $114,000 (GBP60,000) worth of his antiques - four months after they were stolen from his Surrey, England, home.

THE EQUALIZER star, 74, was devastated to discover his house was burgled on Christmas Eve (24DEC04) while the actor was holidaying with his actress wife MICHELE DOTRICE.

Despite losing all hope of finding the stolen items and fantasising about "beating the living daylights" out of the culprits, Woodward was amazed when he found the goods on display last weekend (16-17APR05) at a police display of recovered theft items.

Woodward enthuses, "I went into this enormous room which looks like an Aladdin's Cave with masses of jewellery, furniture and more paintings than I have ever seen.

"We have recovered a couple of items with large sentimental values."

Despite finding several items, the Woodwards sadly weren't able to retrieve Dotrice's jewellery, which had been taken in the raid.

22/04/2005 02:30