Late American journalist Edward R Murrow, whose life is the subject of George Clooney's new film, has been honoured with a plaque outside his former London home.

The accolade was attached to the door of his old apartment building in Hallam Street yesterday (15FEB06).

The former CBS newsman, who died in April 1965, is portrayed in Clooney's GOOD NIGHT, AND GOOD LUCK, which focuses on Murrow's clashes with SENATOR JOSEPH McCARTHY over communism during the 1950s.

RICHARD HOTTELET, an 88-year-old fellow journalist and friend of Murrow, says, "I think he probably would have rolled his eyes a little bit.

"He was never one to angle for applause or recognition.

"He got it. He enjoyed it. He knew his worth, but he didn't flaunt it.

"But about this, I think he'd smile."

The plaque was erected by the English Heritage Organisation at the flat where Murrow lived between 1938 until 1946.