Actor Edward Norton was horrified to discover the costume budget for the epic Kingdom of Heaven outweighed the entire funding for his new western Down In The Valley. The 36-year-old star was thrilled to take part in such a big-money project - but later realised the injustice when he struggled to complete filming on the latter movie due to lack of funds. He says, "Oh (Kingdom of Heaven), that's Lawrence Of Arabia, cast of thousands. "It's like, hang out in the Spanish hotel with all the British actors and wait for your working day... Oh my God, it was so fun! I always wanted to do a movie like that. "You know, I found out the costume budget on Kingdom Of Heaven was bigger than the entire budget on Down In The Valley. That really deflated me at one point. "We were begging our financiers for like, $240,000, for three extra days' shooting. "They must have spent $240,000 on Evian in Morocco, you know what I mean? I was like, maybe if the Moroccan Army won't drink for a day."