Edward Norton has revealed that upcoming movie The Incredible Hulk could be getting a sequel.

Norton is to play Bruce Banner, alter-ego of the green comic book hero, and said the movie, set for a UK release in June, was "definitely intended as chapter one".

"To me the whole thing was to envision it in multiple parts. We left a lot out on purpose," he explained.

The 25th Hour star also stressed that his version of the Marvel character will bear little relation to Ang Lee's 2003 movie starring Eric Bana.

Talking to Total Film magazine, he said: "I think like Chris Nolan and those guys did with Batman, we just said: 'We're going to start completely with our own version of this myth or saga'."

Norton admitted to experiencing some initial reservations when offered the part, saying: "When the phone rings and someone says, 'Hey, would you be interested in the big green guy?' there's that part of all of us that doesn't want to look like an idiot.

"There's the wince factor or the defensive part of you that recoils at what the bad version of what that would be.

"And I did that, basically. I said 'no' to it a couple of times."

The Incredible Hulk faces some stiff competition in the comic book movie marketplace, with Iron Man and The Dark Knight also released this year.

However Norton's co-star William Hurt recently told MTV there will be crossover between the Marvel movies, with his Incredible Hulk character General Thaddeus Ross sharing a scene with Robert Downey Junior in Iron Man.

25/01/2008 13:50:25