Edward Norton is planning to take a hiatus from acting and follow ARNOLD SCHWARZENEGGER's move into politics.

The ITALIAN JOB star, 34, is currently weighing up taking a break from Hollywood and running for political office like the Terminator actor - as he wants to make a difference in the real world, sooner rather than later.

He explains, "There are a couple of things underway that I'd like to see through, but I can definitely see myself stopping for a year or two. I don't really want to get the end of my life and acting to have been the only thing that I did. And it won't.

"Without having lost any interest in my work as an actor or someone who makes films, I do feel a shifting balance. I have started to feel almost an equal degree of personal drive to engage in things outside work.

"And without over-inflating any one person's ability to have an impact, you can't just sit around and do nothing."

Unlike Republican Arnie, Norton is motivated to enter politics by the lack of liberalism he currently perceives in GEORGE W BUSH-led America.

He says, "We have some of the most regressive leadership that this country has had since the Depression, and in the last year or two I've had an increasing sense that we've reached a moment when people in the United States are either going to step up and get a little more proactive and loud about defining in which direction the conversation is going to go in this country, or we're going to have shut up and stop complaining."

18/09/2003 18:14