Movie star Edward Norton has struck up a deal with power providers BRITISH PETROLEUM to provide low-income Californian families with solar power for their homes.

The HANNIBAL star is trying to persuade fellow stars to add BP solar panels to their homes, and BP bosses have agreed to donate a solar power system to a low-income family for every sale.

Norton reveals he was inspired to start up the idea after flying over California.

Speaking to America's INSTYLE magazine, he says, "I'm a pilot, and when I fly over L.A., I see mile after mile of flat roofs baking in the sun. I realised the potential was there for a radically different way of life.

"If you're overpaid, with a job you enjoy, how can you not give something back."

And Norton's new venture is making his dad proud - he's a leading environmentalist.

The actor reveals Pierce Brosnan has already bought a solar power system, and now Norton is inspired to crusade for more celebrity help.

He adds, "I want to send letters to the Dixie Chicks and Bill O'Reilly (right wing American TV political commentator) and say, 'Hey, let's go and find common ground and do something that makes sense."

05/11/2003 01:46