Edward Norton is working on a documentary focusing on the presidential campaign of White House hopeful Barack Obama.

Through his Class 5 Films production company, the actor is working with directors Amy Rice and Alicia Sams on the as-yet-untitled film which began shooting before the Illinois senator declared his intention to run for the Democratic party's nomination.

And according to the Fight Club star - who can next be seen on UK screens in The Incredible Hulk - the idea for the documentary came from witnessing a speech from Obama at the 2004 Democratic national convention.

Norton told Daily Variety that he, the directors and his Class 5 production partners Bill Migliore and Stuart Blumberg were all "struck by... how exciting it was to see someone from our generation, not our parents', make his presence felt in such an inspiring way".

"It was akin to the way I remembered my dad describing how he felt when Kennedy gave his inauguration speech," he added.

"At the time, he was the new senator from Illinois. None of us had voted for him or contributed to his campaigns. None of us was saying, 'I want to back this guy for president'.

"It was more this generational experience, of seeing someone we felt represented us in a very unique and fresh way, and the desire to explore what would happen to the first person our age who staked a claim to national leadership."

Neither a release date or a budget has yet been confirmed for the documentary, which intends to follow the politician - the favourite to win the Democratic nomination - through the entirety of his White House campaign.

12/03/2008 11:03:22