Edward Norton says the 'Bourne' films are more ''authentic'' than other blockbusters.

The 42-year-old actor - who stars as antagonist Eric Byer in the 'The Bourne Legacy' - believes the Tony Gilroy-written film franchise is much more realistic than rival motion pictures such as 'Mission: Impossible' and the James Bond series.

He said: ''I think they've always pulled a little more from the authentic reality of what we glimpse in the headlines.

''You've got sort of like the 'Mission: Impossible' or James Bond, which I would call more in the fantasy superhero genre.

''Nobody was ever going to climb a building in gecko gloves, or Parachute in a car out of a plane. There were always much more lo-fi.''

Edward believes the franchise is particularly more authentic when it comes to portraying how the government actually functions, and he believes Tony - who directs the 'Bourne Legacy' - has taken the series to another level.

He added to Digital Spy: ''Tony's gone even one step further in this one, in the sense that he's opened it up to start to include government-based science.

''He's really starting to kind of exfoliate the way The Matrix of government, science, corporations and military comes together.

''Tony kind of peeks behind the curtain and shows us what that's like inside.''

The 55-year-old helmer researched the DARPA (Defence Advanced Research Projects Agency), part of the US Department of Defense responsible for developing new technology for the military, basing 'The Bourne Legacy's organisation NRAG (National Research Assay Group) on it.

'The Bourne Legacy' opens in cinemas on August 13.