British actor Edward Hogg has urged film fans who hire out their homes as locations to think twice - the cast and crew on his new film, OLLIE KEPLER'S EXPANDING PURPLE WORLD, wrecked their movie home.
A production assistant agreed to hand over the keys to her home to director Viv Fongenie, and the place became Ollie Kepler's (Hogg) for the duration of the movie.
The actor shudders to think what the poor girl thought of her house once the film was done.
He explains, "I feel bad for her because the house was covered in purple paint and it was hard to get off things.
"We fell through a floorboard. There was a scene in the film where I lift up a floorboard and we had just done one take and my make-up girl's foot went through and she was stuck dangling through the ceiling of the floor below!
"We did lots of things to that apartment. I think the door didn't close properly by the end and there was obviously purple paint everywhere.
"I would never use my own property for a film set; they would have to pay me an awful lot of money."