Screen veteran Edward Fox is livid with British celebrity magazine Hello! after a photographer from the publication gatecrashed the wedding of his daughter EMILIA to RICHARD HARRIS' son JARED.

THE DAY OF THE JACKAL star Fox claims the family had been harangued by the publication prior to the big day, which took place in the village of Steeple in Dorset, England, as they were desperate for exclusive pictures of the "union of two great acting dynasties".

But despite refusing permission to the magazine, a photographer turned up regardless, much to the wedding party's disbelief.

Fox, 68, fumes, "We were repeatedly contacted by this magazine about obtaining permission to attend our wedding, but I took the view, as did Emilia's mother, JOANNA DAVID, and, most importantly, EMILIA and JARED themselves, that we did not want its representatives there.

"On the day, to our great consternation, a photographer from Hello! nevertheless arrived.

"We had engaged a security man to make sure that only those who had been invited were allowed to attend. Somebody had, however, issued him with instructions to admit this photographer.

"The feeling was that we couldn't make a scene about it on the day and had reluctantly to go through with it.

"We, as a family, are very disappointed by the turn of events and I know Jared was too."

31/07/2005 02:22