A man in Hong Kong has been jailed for 34 weeks after he was found guilty of stealing over 1,000 sexually explicit photos of Asian film star Edison Chen.
The actor/rapper was at the centre of a scandal last year (08) when a tape of him allegedly engaging in sex acts with a string of different women hit the Internet.
The video, which Hong Kong Police say captures 1,300 private shots of Chen with at least half a dozen women, was reported to have been copied by staff at a computer shop when Chen put a faulty laptop in for repair.
Computer technician Ho-Chun Sze, 24, was charged with stealing the photographs from Chen's computer while servicing the machine.
He was convicted at Hong Kong's Kowloon City Court on three counts of obtaining access to a computer with dishonest intent, and handed an eight and a half month jail term at another hearing on Wednesday (13May09).
Sze's lawyers plan to appeal the conviction.
The scandal forced Chen, 28, to issue a public apology. He subsequently fled Hong Kong for his childhood home in Canada and announced his temporary retirement from the Hong Kong entertainment business.