Asian superstar Edison Chen is returning to the big screen for the first time since a sex photo scandal threatened to ruin his career.
The Hong Kong-based singer/actor hit headlines last year (08) after over 1,000 intimate shots of him engaged in sexual acts with several different women - all rising stars in Asia - hit the web.
The furore around the sex snaps forced Chen to flee Hong Kong and the controversy ended the entertainment careers of most of the girls involved.
But studio bosses have decided to give Chen another chance, and have signed him up to appear in new English-language comedy Almost Perfect.
The film tells the story of a girl who juggles her boyfriend and her family, and is reportedly set to his Chinese cinemas next year (10).
Chen has previously appeared in Infernal Affairs, The Grudge 2, and also had a cameo in last year's (08) Batman movie The Dark Knight.