Shamed Asian pop star Edison Chen has broken his silence on his recent sex photo scandal - insisting the explicit snaps were all taken with the consent of the women involved.
The Hong Kong-based singer/actor hit headlines last year (08) after over 1,000 intimate shots of him engaged in sexual acts with several different women - all rising stars in Asia - hit the web.
The furore around the sex snaps forced Chen to flee Hong Kong and the scandal ended the entertainment careers of most of the girls involved.
Internet gossip surrounding the case saw Chen accused of using his fame to tempt budding actresses and singers into bed with him - with rumours swirling that the pictures of their sexual activities were not consensual.
But the disgraced star has used his first TV interview since the scandal, with CNN's Talk Asia show, to put across his side of the story - insisting he didn't dupe any of the girls into posing for the photos.
He tells the programme, which is due to be aired on Wednesday (03Jun09), "Everything was mutual. It was all consensual.
"If I have a camera in front of your face and there's a flash, do you know that I'm taking a photo of you? That's as simple as it is."
And Chen, who was previously criticised by Cecilia Cheung - one of the girls in the snaps - for not apologising for the leaked photos, expressed his guilt over how the incident has affected the women involved.
He says, "I wasn't allowed to talk to her (Cheung) because of the police request and they were investigating me, which already had troubled me a lot... I really do feel sorry. I really am sorry to (sic) her."
And he explains how the scandal has changed his own life.
He adds, "I was afraid to go anywhere. I was travelling around when I was still in Hong Kong in trunks of taxis, literally, just to get to places.
"Even when I had left Asia and I had went to Canada and America, it took me three months to really get out of the shell that I had put myself in."
A 24-year-old computer technician was jailed in May (09) for 34 weeks for stealing the photographs from Chen's computer while servicing the machine.