Edie Falco gave her dad and uncle a shock the night they checked out her hit play Frankie & Johnny In The Clair De Lune - because they didn't expect her to be so exposed onstage.

Falco and co-star Stanley Tucci appeared naked in bed together at the beginning of the play, but due to a technical glitch on the night her family members were in the audience the couple's nudity was lit up for all to see.

Falco tells The Hollywood Reporter, "At the beginning of (the play), our characters are naked and have sex. But it's total darkness in the apartment.

"Stanley Tucci and I are getting ready for the curtain to open, but something goes wrong with the computer and all the house lights and stage lights come on, and the curtains go up. And there we were - Stanley and I - laying there completely naked. That was the performance my father and uncle came to.

"It got an audible gasp. Then the curtains went down and we started again, like it didn't happen."