Eddie Redmayne has spilled that his 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' co-star Jude Law left all the makeup artists star-struck with his handsome looks and impressive beard.

The 36-year-old actor - who is reprising his role as Newt Scamander in the magical movie sequel from J.K. Rowling - has revealed the moment he was in the trailer and Jude, who plays Albus Dumbledore, walked in sporting his facial hair for the flick and had ''men and women falling dead silent'' at the sight of him.

Speaking on UK TV show 'This Morning' on Tuesday (13.11.18) in a joint interview with Jude, Eddie said: ''We had this hilarious moment with the makeup trailer when Jude came in and the entire makeup trailer men and women went dead silent with the length of his beard and everyone just didn't breathe for about an hour and then he walked off.

''Then there was this kind of exasperated breath and sweetly one of the make-up artists went to me, 'And you're quite handsome too.'''

Laughing and looking at Jude, he added: ''I get it, I get it!''

Eddie previously teased that 'Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald' is ''darker'' than the first film in the franchise.

He said: ''The most riveting aspect is the tonal change. It's darker and more rigorous and weaving in the 'Potter' lore we're much more familiar with. So these characters you met in the first film are now in the wizarding world you understand more thoroughly. When I read [the script] it had these cryptic elements to it and it played like a thriller that made it a page-turner ... I'm enlisted by Dumbledore to try and track him down and capture him. What's happened is Grindelwald's belief that purebloods should reign over all non-magical beings is a political thing. He's rallying more and more people and it causes divisions across families. He's pretty hypnotic.''