Eddie Redmayne is learning how to walk in a pair of high heels for his next film role.

The Oscar-nominated actor is preparing to star in 'The Danish Girl' - which concerns transgender pioneer Einar Wegener - and has revealed he's working with celebrated movement director Alexandra Reynolds to ensure he's convincing on screen.

The 33-year-old explained: ''We're looking at everything from a feminine perspective. How to sit, to walk, to pose, roll on a pair of stockings. How to put on a pair of heels and how to walk in them. Everything.''

Eddie, who won the Golden Globe Award for Best Actor in a Motion Picture Drama for his performance in 'The Theory of Everything', says his new movie about Einar and his wife Gerda Gottlieb is a study of ''authenticity, identity and love''.

In preparation for the role, he's spoken to members of the transgender community.

He told the Daily Mail newspaper: ''The danger of surgery was so extreme [in the 1920s]. It's such a brave thing that Einar did.''

Following his recent success at the Golden Globes, Eddie said he doesn't get overwhelmed by the attention because he's always busy with new projects.

He shared: ''It is extraordinary. The way I stay focused is because I'm working on something else so literally I'm preparing and rehearsing for a new film that's starting in a week or two so in some ways you're focus is on that and it's a very good way of remind yourself that the work is the important thing, as wonderful as this ride has been. But that's how I try and keep my focus.''