Eddie Redmayne wants to play a superhero.

The 33-year-old actor, who won the Best Actor prize at the Academy Awards for his portrayal of Professor Stephen Hawking in 'The Theory of Everything', is keen to play the lead role in a box office blockbuster and according to an industry expert, he can expect to see his earnings double.

Hollywood analyst Scott Feinberg told The Sun newspaper: ''It is a big deal. Studios love enticing audiences by saying they have an Oscar winner on board. The next few weeks, months will be a very hectic, crazy time where a lot of offers will be made.

''Eddie has charmed everyone this year and Academy voters were very impressed by the physicality and commitment in his performance. Film makers want him for his likeability and his talent.''

Meanwhile, Eddie revealed recently that he learnt ''a lot'' from watching 'Neighbours' stars Alan Fletcher and Jackie Woodburne.

Speaking about Alan and Jackie - who play Dr. Karl Kennedy and Susan Kennedy respectively on the popular Australian soap opera - Eddie said: ''I think they're amazing.

''I'm a huge fan of them from old. I've learnt a lot from them from watching them daily.''