Eddie Redmayne's wife was more than 30 minutes late to their wedding.

The 'Theory of Everything' actor tied the knot with long-term girlfriend Hannah Bagshawe just before Christmas in Somerset, south west England, and the 33-year-old hunk was not surprised at all that the brunette beauty didn't turn up on time because she is always behind schedule.

He said: ''My wife ... god it sounds so amazing just after you get married, even the terms sound new ... she has never been on time for anything in her life.

''My job, or one of my jobs, was to find the venue and I made sure the place where we were having the reception was next to the chapel so when she didn't turn up on time I could say, 'Oi, you're coming.'

''She was a good half-hour late. Her grandfather had to be held back from going and summoning her.

''Everyone else was really stressed but I was kind of relaxed knowing that she'd never been on time for pretty much anything in her life.''

Eddie and Hannah - who have been together for three years - celebrated their nuptials with a honeymoon to The Alps, and while they were left disappointed that it didn't snow, they still managed to have a great time gorging on fondue and red white.

Speaking on the 'The Ellen Degeneres Show' on Wednesday night (07.01.15), he added: ''We went to the Alps, which was such a beautiful idea, but unfortunately there was no snow.

''That was just an excuse to take long lunches, drink a lot of red wine and have a lot of fondue.

Talk show host Ellen then presented Eddie with a bottle of red wine and a fondue set with the name ''Redmaynes'' engraved on, much to the star's delight.

He said: ''Wow, that's amazing. Thank you, Ellen.''