Eddie Redmayne admits the last 12 months have been a ''dream''.

The 33-year-old actor, who starred as Professor Stephen Hawking in 'The Theory of Everything', has received widespread acclaim for his performance in the movie and admits he's amazed by the reaction.

Speaking ahead of the British Academy Film Awards in London tonight (08.02.15), he reflected: ''It's been kind of mind-blowing ... [This time last year] we'd made the film, but we hadn't seen it put together. I so cared what Stephen Hawking and [his first wife] Jane Hawking would think of the film. It's been such a dream, really.''

However, Eddie also confessed he was somewhat overwhelmed by the task of portraying the English theoretical physicist.

He shared: ''It was terrifying [to take on the role]. It gave me many a sleepless night. But it's also our dream as actors to tell interesting stories about interesting people. They don't come as extraordinary as Jane and Stephen and Jonathan and the Hawking family.

''And so it was this weird mixture of fear and trepidation and wanting to do them and their story proud. And also a great privilege. It was a hybrid of the two, really.''

Eddie has been nominated for the Best Actor prize alongside Benedict Cumberbatch ('The Imitation Game'), Ralph Fiennes ('The Grand Budapest Hotel'), Jake Gyllenhaal ('Nightcrawler') and Michael Keaton ('Birdman').