Eddie Redmayne is colourblind.

The 32-year-old star has trouble differentiating between various hues especially when he is trying out outfits as his wife Hannah Bagshawe - who he wed on Monday (15.12.14) - recently found out at the December premiere of his latest movie 'Theory of Everything'.

According to weekly journal Mr Porter, Eddie tried on his teal suit ahead of the event but the brunette beauty was not quite as keen his attire as he was.

She is said to have told him: ''You're not wearing that.''

He replied: ''I know. It's green.''

She then said: ''That's not green, Eddie ... it's f**king green.''

Hannah's interjection didn't stop Eddie - who plays physicist Stephen Hawking in 'The Theory of Everything' - from wearing the suit to the event and he also wore one on Monday when he tied the knot to the 32-year-old stunner at Babington House in Somerset, south-west England.

His representative told PEOPLE.com in a statement: ''I am happy to confirm that Hannah and Eddie married today.

''They celebrated with a small number of close family and friends.''

Eddie announced the couple's engagement in The Times newspaper's Marriages, Births and Deaths column earlier this year.

The announcement read: ''Mr E.J.D. Redmayne and Miss H.J. Bagshawe. The engagement is announced between Edward, son of Mr and Mrs Richard Redmayne of London, and Hannah, daughter of Mr Nicholas Bagshawe and Mrs Caryl Bagshawe, both of London.''