Eddie Redmayne would ''hate to see himself'' playing James Bond.

The 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them' star insists he won't be suiting up for the role of the spy any time soon despite really enjoying watching the films in the franchise.

He said: ''I definitely will not be playing James Bond. I would hate to see myself play James Bond.

''I love going to see 'James Bond' and seeing really freaking cool actors that I admire doing great things. Never say never, but ... no. Who would I like to see as James Bond? That's a different question.''

Asked who he'd want to see take on the role of the spy next, he added to Variety.com: ''Tom Hardy. Seeing him in 'Inception', I thought he was so debonair. But are they even looking? See, you don't know. Nobody knows. I love Daniel Craig.''

Meanwhile, the 34-year-old actor - who has five-month-old daughter Iris with his wife Hannah Bagshawe - previously admitted he doesn't think his career can get any better.

He said: ''The stakes get higher each time if you've been lucky enough to be successful. Or at least they feel higher. What's complicated is ... I'm having a year like this year, which is unquestionable the most extraordinary year, and I'm already accepting it's the best it will ever get. But you want to keep doing good work, to see how long you can extend it.''

However, despite his success, Eddie still finds himself feeling anxious and unconfident.

He added: ''Anxiety drives me... and fear of screwing up ... No confidence comes with [success]. You feel you've had this lucky break.

''You've got this gig that people admire. And you've done OK. But you also know that people are like, 'Who's he? Who's that dude? And you have to do it again. I'm perpetually nervous about pretty much everything really.''