Eddie Redmayne had ''wand wrist'' and ''wizard elbow'' after filming the duel scenes for 'Fantastic Beasts and Where To Find Them'.

The 34-year-old actor - who pays the role of Newt Scamander in the fantasy film - has admitted the magic wand is a ''hazard'' because both Redmayne and his co-star Colin Farrell, who plays Percival Graves in the production, suffered from sore limbs after rehearsing for the ''huge wizard duels'' because they were ''throwing'' their arms around constantly whilst shooting the scene.

Speaking to Time Out magazine about the aftermath of their combats, the dark-haired hunk said: ''The wand thing is hilarious. There is a part of you that's seven years old again when the director says 'Choose your wand.' Then you feel like a fool, standing there with a stick in your hand. And there were injuries - wand wrist, wizard elbow.

''That was genuinely a thing! We were doing these huge wizard duels, throwing your arm around left, right and centre. Colin [Farrell] and I came in one day, and we said to each other: 'Mate, is your arm a bit sore?' It's a hazard.''

And the 'Theory of Everything' star, who has four-month-old daughter Iris with his wife Hannah Bagshawe, has revealed he was ''zonked'' after filming the new film and has decided to take some much needed time off from his busy schedule, which will be the ''first time'' he has ''properly'' taken a break from acting.

He explained: ''By the end of 'Fantastic Beasts' I was zonked. And Hannah was pregnant. So I've taken time off. Iris arrived and it's been so lovely. It's the first time I've taken time off properly.''

However, Redmayne has revealed he isn't coping well with sleep deprivation and is constantly worrying about his daughter.

He explained: ''We're still at the stage of getting through the night, trying to keep our child alive. I don't think I've got past the sleep deprivation yet to get to a point of having a more philosophical take! We're just scrabbling through in the most wonderful way.''