Eddie Redmayne says Felicity Jones ''challenges'' him as an actor.

The 37-year-old star was thrilled to work alongside the actress on 'The Aeronauts' - after previously collaborating on 'The Theory of Everything' - as she ''pushes'' him to be better at his craft and vice versa.

He said: ''When I was sent the script, I was told that they'd gone out to Felicity for it, so that's how I read it, with her in mind. It was so different to anything I'd seen her in so far. It had gone so well for us last time, but there was that mixed feeling of wondering whether it will a second time. But I just adore her as a person, and she challenges me as an actor. And both of us knew that those were the stakes. So, actually we've gotten to do something completely different and push each other in different directions. There is something about working with someone whose process you admire and gels with your own. We rehearsed this film longer than any film I've rehearsed, in fact.''

And Eddie was impressed by Felicity's stunt skills in their latest movie.

Speaking to Esquire UK, he shared: ''As far as the stunts were concerned, I mean, in those scenes, I'm just in a basket. Felicity was the one that had to climb up to the top. Her bravery was kind of astounding. Like, she is incredibly robust and I'm a bit pathetic. I keep getting the salt bags in my face, they keep scratching me during our scene, and I asked Felicity, 'Doesn't that hurt?' and she says, 'No, it gives a really good effect.' She's like, 'just run with it,' and I'm like, 'Ow!' Physically, what she has to do in the film is much more extreme than anything I have to do. But it's been such a wonderful thing to work with her again. I've never really gotten to repeat a dance partner again, who you trust, who you can challenge. It's very inspirational.''

The full interview is available at https://www.esquire.com/uk/culture/a29681698/eddie-redmayne-interview-aeronauts-felicity-jones-theory-everything/