Eddie Redmayne doesn't think about the audience when he chooses a job.

The 36-year-old actor has starred in a string of hit movies during his career, including 'Les Miserabes', 'The Theory of Everything', 'The Danish Girl' and he has now voiced caveman Dug in Aardman Studios' latest animation 'Early Man' - but Redmayne admits he goes on ''an instinct'' when he reads a script he likes.

He told Den of Geek: ''I'm really embarrassed to say that I don't think about the audience when I choose a job.

''I tend to react to a script and go on an instinct, and whether I find it entertaining. Is it a film I'd be interested in seeing?

''I'm an old fan of Aardman's from everything, so it was a bit of a no-brainer. But their capacity to be so inclusive, audience-wise, is a wonderful thing.

''It's a rare, special thing a family film where every generation can take something from it. It's one of the things I enjoy seeing.''

The new Aardman movie - which was helmed by Nick Park - follows Dug and his sidekick Hognob who must unite their tribe against a mighty enemy, the Bronze Age.

And Redmayne revealed he would love to make another Aardman movie.

He said: ''Genuinely, with Aardman, I'd be there!

''But I just laughed when I read the script. A lot. And also, the past few films I've done, generally the scripts don't make me laugh massively.

''This was just so refreshing. I suppose Dug is the straight guy, but one of the wonderful things about making the film for me, the first session I could go there and Nick and I were working on what his voice might be.

''Then Nick records an 'eh?' and 'uh?', and then I'd come back a week or two later, and they'd have animated it and Dug would be really funny!''