Eddie Redmayne is an annoying karaoke singer.

Although the British actor hates showing off his vocals in public, he admits that after a few drinks he can always be found ''aggressively'' hogging the microphone and belting out some of Katy Perry's biggest hits.

He laughed: ''I do love Katy Perry. But I find the idea of singing randomly in life mildly terrifying. I'm one of these hideous people that'll go to karaoke and I'll sit there going, 'No, no, not me; you sing'.

''Then I'll have a few drinks and you cannot take the microphone off me. I hog it aggressively. I think I need a bit of help to get me to a place to be able to sing to a loved one!''

The 31-year-old star had to face his fear sober and sing live in Tom Hooper's award-winning musical film 'Les Miserables' and he struggled the most with arranging his face into an attractive expression during his emotional solo 'Empty Chairs at Empty Tables' as the camera was so close.

He joked to Britain's OK! magazine: ''[It was] right up on your nose! My vocal coach made me stand in front of a mirror to see what my face was doing. If you're hitting loud, large, sort of operatic notes, you don't scrunch your face into something that's going to kill that close-up.''