Eddie Redmayne admits it has been a dream come true to be reunited with Felicity Jones in their new movie 'The Aeronauts'.

The pair first worked together on 'The Theory of Everything' - the biographical romantic drama based on the life of Professor Stephen Hawking in which Eddie played the late physicist and Felicity played his first wife Jane Hawking - and are seen on screen as Victorian scientist James Glaisher and pilot Amelia Wren who find themselves fighting for survival when a hot air balloon expedition goes wrong.

Eddie admits he simply adores working with Felicity which was helpful because they had to shoot so many scenes in close proximity to one another.

Speaking at the BFI London Film Festival premiere of the movie, Eddie told BANG Showbiz: ''She (Felicity) is a dream. We were literally in a basket together for months on end, we could well have ended up screaming at each other, but we didn't. I adore her and thinks she is brilliant.''

The 37-year-old Oscar winner admits the film appealed to him because of its mixture of action and intimacy.

He said: ''I love action movies and I kind of grew up watching them. Something about this film had an amazing mixture of being massive in scale and a proper adventure, but also quite intimate and the combination of those two things properly appealed to me.''