Eddie Redmayne's 'Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them' co-star says he is a ''dork''.

Hollywood newcomer Alison Sudol admitted she was intimidated at first by the Oscar winning actor but quickly saw that he is just a regular person.

She told The Sunday Times' Style magazine: ''I am a huge fan of Eddie's, so I was pretty intimidated, but right off the bat, we had a silly moment with our wands, and he went from being an Oscar winner to being just a dork like me.''

And Alison admitted everyone was starstruck when author JK Rowling stopped by the set.

She explained: ''Everything slowed to a grinding halt when she was there, because all of us just wanted to be around her, picking her brain. She's got an entire fully fledged world in her head.''

Meanwhile, Alison's 'Fantastic Beasts' character Queenie has been praised as a feminist hero and the actress is delighted.

She said: ''Really? Wow, that's amazing. I think, as women, we are sometimes forced into boxes and told we can only be one thing. And that's what we tell little girls, too: that they have to pick one thing to be. But women aren't like that. We're completely mystical, wonderful, contradictory creatures. Queenie is boisterous and confident and outgoing, but she's also loyal and sensitive. She's extraordinarily feminine and soft, but also strong.''