Though Eddie Murphy was once charming Hollywood audiences with huge grossing movies such as 'Beverly Hills Cop' and 'Trading Places', the veteran actor's career appears to have ground to standstill. Though he was supposed to mark his comeback hosting the 84th Annual Academy Awards in February 2012, he resigned after his creative-partner Brett Ratner made some ill-advised homophobic remarks during a press conference for 'Tower Heist'.
His latest offering is 'A Thousand Words' - a comedy about a literary agent who stretches the truth during a deal with a spiritual guru. Murphy's character learns a valuable lesson that there is a consequence for every lie he tells. The movie has been four years in the making, and although a Paramount spokeswoman said the film cost $40 million to make, the Los Angeles Times put that figure nearer $70 million. The movie finally hits screen this week, with minimal publicity and support, and analysts say it should open to takings of less than $10 million. Sources say the studio has attempted to target African American female cinemagoers at the very last minute, hoping promotional ads will convince people Murphy has returned to form. Even Megan Collins, Paramount's President of Domestic Marketing, sounds unconvinced, saying, "This is a sweet, heartfelt movie, and it's a chance to see Eddie do some very physical comedy.He's really funny in this film".