Eddie Murphy is set to host next year's Oscars.

The 50-year-old actor - who was well known as a stand-up comedian before entering the film business - is said to be in discussions with those behind the scenes to present the 84th Academy Awards in 2012, with producer Brett Ratner presenting his name to president Tom Sherak at a meeting tomorrow (06.09.11).

Eddie is said to be "showing interest" in presenting, following a kick-start to his career with the Ratner-directed comedy 'Tower Heist', which is due for release in November.

He is also set to star in comedy drama 'A Thousands Words' in January.

An insider told Deadline.com: "Nobody knows movies better or is a bigger cinephile than Eddie. Not Brett. Not even Quentin Tarantino. Eddie can quote scenes from every single movie word for word.

"He can bring all that experience to hosting. Plus he has 'Saturday Night Live' experience before a crowd. And worldwide the biggest crossover comedians are Will Smith and Eddie Murphy."

The 83rd Academy Awards were hosted by Anne Hathaway and James Franco, and despite their high-profile, many critics disliked their work.

Tim Franco at industry bible The Hollywood Reporter said: "Anne Hathaway at least tried to sing and dance and preen along to the goings on, but Franco seemed distant, uninterested and content to keep his Cheshire-cat-meets-smug smile on display throughout."