It looks like Eddie Murphy may well and truly be on his way back. Ok, perhaps not to the heady heights of the early 1990s, though a primetime television series certainly isn't anything to be shirked at.
CBS have given the green-light for Murphy to shoot a pilot episode of 'Beverly Hills Cop' - a proposed television spin-off of the huge grossing movie trilogy of the same name. Murphy will reprise his role as Axel Foley - now a police chief in Detroit - while his on-screen son Aaron will take up the role of the eponymous cop. No other casting has been announced, though the pilot episode will be written by Shawn Ryan - a scribe best known for his work on 'The Shield', 'The Chicago Code' and the new ABC series 'Last Resort'. The television version is billed as a "dramedy" - with both drama and comedy included in a narrative that will have "procedural elements to it". Essentially what this means is that - should the series be commissioned - a separate case will be solved each way (like in Ncis, or Law and Order).
Eddie Murphy and Shawn Ryan began pitching the idea to networks after the actor decided against producing a fourth Beverly Hills Cop movie. He told Rolling Stone magazine last year that proposed scripts were only rehashing elements from the first three movies.