Eddie Murphy has been speaking of his enjoyment of 'getting out of the house' and filming forthcoming film 'Tower Heist', while also admitting that some scenes shot during the process left him a little taken aback. 'Tower Heist' stars Murphy alongside Ben Stiller as employees of the Wall Street character Arthur Shaw, from who they seek revenge when he swindles them out of their money.
During an interview with Eurweb.com, Murphy sounded happy at his return to the spotlight following time spent away, joking that his reason for getting involved in 'Tower Heist' was "I wanted to get out of the house and do some stuff. I'd been sitting around the house too long. So I was like, let me get out and do something. So here we are." However, some of the filming took him by surprise; Murphy admitting that there was an improvised scene featuring the leading female Gabourey Sidibe and Ben Stiller nude, "I looked around and started thinking. And then all of a sudden Gabourey's top is off. And it's really heated. It's really heated. It turns into a whole different type scene," exclaimed Murphy, "I look over and Ben's completely nude. And I look over at Brian and I go, 'What's happening? What's happening?' And Brian goes, 'Just go with it.' So we go with it for about forty minutes. It's incredible. I've never ended a scene like that."
The film was released in the UK this week, and hits theatres in the U.S. on Friday (4th November 2011).