Eddie Murphy hasn't read a review in 20 years.

The 'Mr. Church' star opts not to read any critiques of the movies he stars in despite insisting they don't have any ''effect on him at all''.

He said: ''Oh, they [reviews] have no effect on me at all. I haven't read a review in, easily, 20, 25 years. I used to. I remember when 'Coming to America' came out, Siskel and Ebert gave it two thumbs way down, saying it sucked.

''Then 10, 15 years later, I remember seeing them do a retrospective and they were both, 'The classic 'Coming to America' blah blah blah.' The shelf life of movies changes over the years.''

And the 55-year-old actor and comedian - who has nine children from five different relationships - is keen to return to his stand up comedy roots one day as he is ''curious'' about what sort of material he would perform.

He told the Los Angeles Times: ''A few years back, I took a break from grinding out movies. I stepped back, took a breath and gave the audience a break, too. After 35 years in movies, I don't care who you are, people get sick of looking at you. But I'm always writing - a script, a song.

''One day I'll go full circle and do [stand up]. I'm curious to see what will come out of me. I'm so different. I stopped doing stand up when I was a kid. I was 28 years old. That's another lifetime. Times have changed. I'm not edgy - at all. And I don't want to be one of those middle-aged comics who go out and say, 'We had this and you guys have that.'''