British funnyman Eddie Izzard struggles to convince Americans he's a transvestite after toning down his cross-dressing while concentrating on his acting career.
Izzard's prominence has increased in the U.S. after roles in TV series The Riches and 2008 thriller Valkyrie - but he admits the country has yet to acknowledge him as a transvestite.
However, he will soon break out of "boy mode" and show Americans his more colourful side.
Izzard explains, "I tell everyone I'm a transvestite over and over again. I never thought that I would be on TV begging people to believe I'm a transvestite. But I am being strategic about this. I've been in 'boy mode' for the past few years but I know I can be in 'girl mode' if I want to.
"I would know what to do. It's all still there. It's in my toolbox. I am a card-carrying transvestite. Always have been, always will be."