British funnyman Eddie Izzard refused to watch Tv coverage of the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday (06Nov12) because he was too worried Barack Obama would lose his leadership.

The incumbent Democrat went head-to-head with Republican rival Mitt Romney at the polls, but it was Obama who claimed victory after winning an overwhelming majority.

However, Izzard only found out about Obama's win after a friend messaged him, as he was too nervous to tune into the news channels.

Speaking on Britain's The One Show on Wednesday (07Nov12), he says, "I was here (London), I came in two days ago. It was 4.20 (in the morning)... I just couldn't watch the Tv 'cos (because) I wanted Barack Obama to win again and I was too scared. It was a real nail biter.

"I got a text in, suddenly at 4.20, ping, this thing says, 'We've won!', and then I'm up and I'm watching the Tv but it says Mitt Romney hasn't conceded defeat so I thought oh no... so I had to watch for two hours then before they said (Obama had won)."