Cross-dressing comedian Eddie Izzard has been beaten up twice this year (13) for wearing women's clothing.

The British funnyman, who is famous for dressing in feminine guise, has revealed how he was targeted in two separate incidents in Leicester Square in London and Times Square in New York City.

Izzard says, "It was bad. I was walking along, being myself and minding my own business. I wasn't doing anything wrong but because I was dressed in women's clothes they set upon me.

"I was badly injured. It was horrible, I was very upset and frightened."

The actor/comic did not give any further information about the attacks. He has previously claimed he uses his transvestism to fight intolerance, explaining, "I finished my last tour in Canada in girly mode, and I'm just back in boy mode now. I consider it a superhero thing. It involves wearing a dress, wearing make-up - and fighting people who have a problem with it."