Comedian Eddie Griffin is at the centre of a new court case accusing him of failing to pay the donation he pledged to a U.S. charity.
In 2007, the actor gave $150,000 (£99,500) to the Jamaica 360 initiative, which sends African-American university graduates to the Caribbean to help further their careers.
But now one of the men who went on the trip, Samir Sayegh, has filed suit against the star, alleging Griffin's cheque bounced.
In addition, Sayegh claims that during his time in Jamaica, he was tricked into lending Griffin his credit card to pay for a hotel bill, according to papers obtained by
He accuses Griffin of using the American Express card to rack up a $150,000 charge to the main developer of Jamaica 360.
Sayegh subsequently found himself being sued by the credit card company for the overdue payment - but now he is demanding Griffin and Jamaica 360 organisers pay off the fees, reports