Late American cult film-maker Ed Wood's last film, previously believed to have been "lost", is being released on DVD this week (begs25OCT04).

NECROMANIA: A TALE OF WEIRD LOVE! was filmed in three days in 1971 on a budget of $7,000 (GBP3,800) and disappeared shortly after completion.

Now, the hardcore pornographic movie - about a young couple who encounter sexual enlightenment at the hands of a coven of witches - is being released on DVD after it was found in a Los Angeles warehouse after a 15 year search.

FREDERIK CARLSTROM, executive producer of the DVD, says, "This is something more than just porn.

"It has a story, it has ambition. It's like all his films, like anything that's so bad it becomes good. Or maybe it's pure genius. That's the appeal of Ed Wood."

Wood, who was played by Johnny Depp in 1995 biopic ED WOOD, is thought by many to be the worst movie-maker of all time and subsequently has a devoted fanbase.

28/10/2004 17:35