Ed Westwick stepped in to save a man's marriage - after his phone was mistakenly bombarded with texts for the 'Gossip Girl' hunk.

The heartthrob - who is currently on a promotional tour with Virgin Mobile - had given out his number for fans to send him messages.

However, some female admirers misdialed and sent steamy texts to another man's phone - whose furious wife then discovered them.

Ed said: "I gave the number out and I have been bombarded with text messages.

"The funny thing is I got a call from this guy saying his number was very similar to mine and could I send a message out as he was getting all these texts from girls."

He added to Absolute Now: "It wasn't too good for his marriage but hopefully I've helped him out now."

Ed - who plays billionaire Chuck Bass in the show - had his own heartbreak in April after he discovered his girlfriend and co-star Jessica Szohr had allegedly cheated on him.