Chace Crawford has moved out of the apartment he shared with Ed Westwick.

The 'Gossip Girl' stars have shared the New York property since they were first cast in the hit US series but the heartthrob could reportedly no longer cope with his flat-mate's behaviour.

A source said: "Chace is quite neat and orderly and Ed is the total opposite. They're really good friends but in the end, Chace just couldn't handle the mess any more."

According to insiders, the actor - who is set to star in the 'Footloose' remake - moved into a rented Penthouse apartment in the luxury Dwell 95 building in the city's Financial District earlier this week.

Ed is expected to stay in his current property.

Despite living alone, Chace is planning to expand his social circle and meet new people.

The actor recently revealed he wants to go speed dating.

He said: "I want to so bad - I've heard these wonderful things about them, it'd be kind of interesting.

"I mean, 10 people and you get two minutes? It's like, what's going on? Let's do this."