Ed Sheeran and Example have stopped collaborating.

Both stars - who are close pals and have worked together numerous times - are eager to shine on their own and have decided not to work together on their respective upcoming albums in order to allow one another to shine individually.

Example told the Daily Star newspaper: ''We both battered the collaborations so much on our last albums.

''Ed wants his own voice to take centre stage for a while. I agree. Two years ago I did nine features in one year, so last year all I did was the Pet Shop Boys track. My new album is all me.''

The 'Kids Again' rapper - real name Elliot Gleave - admits he has listened to some of his pal's new material and is jealous of Ed's songwriting ability.

He added: ''I don't see Ed that often as he's abroad these days, but we met for lunch recently. He played me some of the new album and it sounds so good, every song sounds like a number one.

''He shows me his and I show him mine, but I'm a bit jealous of his.''