The Thinking Out Loud singer's proposal for a 1.5-storey building at his 16th Century listed home near Framlingham, England, had originally been rejected last July (16) by Suffolk Coastal District Council (SCDC) officials, who claimed it would be "an incongruous feature in the countryside".

However, following an appeal, the Planning Inspectorate has now granted him planning permission.

According to plans lodged with the council, the new building will reportedly be 5.7 metres (18.7 ft) high and will consist of an enclosed garage and three open fronted cart lodges - covered parking - along with a ground floor storage room and toilet. There are also four car parking spaces outside the building.

In a document submitted to Britain's planning body, Sheeran's agent Laurie MCGee explained the new building was to replace a cart lodge which had been demolished to make way for an indoor swimming pool.

According to the BBC, planning inspector Amanda Blicq said in her report: "It cannot be seen except by individuals in neighbouring gardens or at distance from the adjoining agricultural land.

"As such I disagree with the council that the cart lodge would cause harm to the character and appearance."

The Shape of You hitmaker's country pile already has a number of out buildings including a two-storey barn, a modern tree house, a swimming pool and a 'pod' along with decking and a jacuzzi. There is also planning permission for an orangery.