Ed Sheeran will appear topless in the video for his new single 'Shape Of You.'

The 25-year-old singer/songwriter made his music comeback last week when he unveiled the track and second song 'Castle on the Hill'.

Ed is yet to release either single's video but has teased that in the promo for 'Shape of You' his fans will see him shirtless for the first time and doing pull-ups, an exercise which he found really tough because he's not a ''healthy individual''.

Discussing the 'Shape of You' video, he said: ''Do you know what? They were filming it and they were getting me ... like I'm not a very, like, healthy, fit individual, and they're like, 'Right, we're gonna do these pull-ups.' And I was like, 'I can literally do one pull-up,' and they were making me do six or seven in a row whilst filming me.''

Ed insists his topless debut in the upcoming video is not him attempting to become a pop heartthrob like his friend Justin Bieber, but is actually a ''gritty'' part of the promo.

Speaking on the Capital Breakfast show which he co-hosted with Dave Berry, George and Lilah on Monday (09.01.17), he shared: ''But it's not in a, like, Justin Bieber walking out of the sea kind of way. It's a kind of like, quite gritty...''

However, the video is not going to be too serious as Ed revealed it will get quite comical at its conclusion.

He added: ''It's like really serious and then the last 30 seconds you're like 'what the hell is going on here?''

Ed also spilled he has been working with pop stars Zara Larsson and Anne-Marie and he was blown away by both girls' vocal talents.

He said: ''I've never been in the studio with two sort of new singers who just nail it first time. They literally just walked in, sung it and then walked out. I was like, wow, that was ... they sung it well too.''