Ed Sheeran didn't eat while he was recording music on the Queen Mary 2 ship because he'd have to wear a suit.

The 'Shape of You' hitmaker got to build a makeshift studio on the cruise liner, which was located in the freezer room, and has admitted he didn't have any food because of the fancy dress code.

Talking about working on the boat with producer Benny Blanco on 'The Radio 1 Breakfast Show with Scott Mills' on Friday (06.01.17), he said: ''I got the Queen Mary 2 boat over and built a studio in that because Benny [Blanco] - who made the album - refuses to fly.

''So we got the boat over and one, we weren't allowed to eat because one of the things was we weren't allowed to eat because you have to have a suit ...''

The 'Lego House' singer also revealed that during his trip from New York to Southampton he was hounded by the crew for selfies because they are mainly from the Philippines, which is his biggest fan base.

He continued: ''... Two, my biggest market in the world is in the Philippines and every staff member on the boat was Filipino. So I had a wave of people come to my room every five minutes coming for selfies.

''We built one that you can break down easily. I think it was like in the freezer room.''

It was previously revealed that Ed hired a ''cheap cabin'' aboard the QM2 and locked himself away penning songs for his hotly-anticipated third studio album, '÷'.

A source previously said: ''Ed turned up at the dock in New York and asked for a cheap cabin, nothing fussy.

''While aboard he requested a meeting room so they found him a basic, windowless crew room in the bowels of the ship. He spent the entire week locked away, writing.''