Ed Sheeran wants to have a ''bunch of kids''.

The 23-year-old singer, who has been romantically linked to Ellie Goulding in the past, hopes he will have settled down by the time he's 33 with a wife and lots of children.

Speaking to Parade magazine, he said: ''I know this [success] isn't going to last forever. Now is the time when I'm making my musical statements and being cool and going to parties. But I don't think I'll be living this life in 10 years time. If I am, please slap me. [Instead I hope to be] back home, [with a] bunch of kids. At 33, I should be starting to settle down.''

However, the flame-haired hunk admits he hasn't always been the most subtle when it comes to flattering the ladies as he experienced an embarrassing encounter with Christina Aguilera on 'The Voice' in season five last year.

He explained: ''She brought me into the dressing room to give me a rundown of how the show was going to go. She wasn't wearing a bra and [was wearing] a very tight white top. I was 22 at the time and it was quite hard to concentrate.''