Ed Sheeran was ''never really happy'' with his image.

The 'Thinking Out Loud' star used to be overweight because of his poor eating habits and alcohol consumption but feels much better about himself after changing his diet.

He said: ''I was never really happy with my image and then I realised it was because I was eating fried food and drinking beer every day. You don't have to kill yourself by getting into shape. Just eat right and don't drink every day.''

The 23-year-old redhead admits he would still like to be healthier but doesn't enjoy working out in the gym so needs other exercise options.

He said: ''I'd like to be healthier but I just don't enjoy working out. I enjoyed dancing and I lost weight while dancing. I could play football, I could do badminton. I just don't enjoy running on a treadmill or doing weights or doing sit-ups. It feels like it's quite a vain thing to do too much. I think if you do it for health reasons, then it's great but if you do it for image reasons, purely image reasons, I don't think it makes sense.''

And the 'Drunk' hitmaker insisted he doesn't feel any pressure to look a certain way in his career.

Speaking to The Hits Radio for their 'State of Mind' campaign, he said: ''There's enough fat people in the industry and there's enough skinny people in the industry and there's enough ginger people in the industry. There's enough everyone in the industry and usually the ones that aren't attractive are the ones that do the best''

Ed was talking to The Hits Radio for their 'State of Mind' campaign with charity YoungMinds, to help raise awareness for mental health issues suffered by today's youth. Listen to the show on 30 November at 10pm.