Ed Sheeran has told one of his entourage to carry a bottle of Heinz Tomato Ketchup ''wherever he goes''.

The 'Perfect' hitmaker is a huge fan of the red stuff and even has a tattoo tribute of the condiment, but is so keen to eat the sauce he has made sure one of his crew will have a bottle at hand to pass him if he ever dines somewhere which doesn't serve the red substance.

A music source told The Sun newspaper: ''Ed's made no secret of his Heinz Ketchup obsession and has run out of patience with going to places that don't serve it while he's touring.

''He's made it a duty of key members of his entourage to carry a bottle wherever he goes so he can have it with everything from his morning sausage butty to upmarket dinners.''

Just last month, the 26-year-old singer admitted he would make Ketchup ''compulsory in all places'' alongside fries if he was ever elected as Britain's Prime Minister, and he would ban early mornings.

Sharing a headline from a news article on Instagram, which claimed that young people in Britain had voted for him to take the place of current leader Theresa May, he captioned the image: ''I can't even think of a caption for this let alone run the country but I would make 5am illegal and ketchup compulsory in all places with chips (sic)''

But the flame-haired singer recently admitted he is ''not perfect'', insisting there are plenty of ''shades'' to him.

He said: ''I'm not tarring anyone with any brush. I'm very open that I've been a f***ing **** at times. There's my song called 'Happier', and the whole thing is, 'You've got a new boyfriend and look happy.'

''I was saying, 'You deserved someone better.' There are so many shades of me. I'm not perfect.''