Ed Sheeran was ''bowled over'' by how sweet Sam Smith is.

The 'Sing' hitmaker, who has become friends with the 22-year-old singer-songwriter was surprised by how nice he is and doesn't think he has a ''bad bone in his body.''

Ed said: ''He's just very calmly, quietly spoken and then this voice comes out of nowhere. If I have bad days, I might react badly, but if Sam Smith has a bad day, I can imagine him just being like, 'Well, today isn't going too well but it's alright because tomorrow will be okay'. He doesn't seem to be someone that would get that angry. He's never going to have a diva strop, I can tell you that for free.''

The singer's new album 'x' went to number to number one on the iTunes chart in 65 countries after being released on Monday (23.06.14) and he admits he has changed since he became a huge global star.

Speaking to Heat Radio, he said: ''I'd say that I've definitely changed. Not necessarily in the negative way, but you do have to adapt to your surroundings when you're in this situation. Now and then I blow off steam, like anyone, but it's not a regular thing. Work definitely comes first.

''There are certain things you can do and certain things you can't do, and some places you can go and some places you can't go.''

Ed claims he has changed in the sense that his dreams and aspirations have become bigger and they don't have a limit now.

He explained: ''I want to tour this album extensively and move into bigger, bigger, bigger places.''