Ed and Amy Wadge worked together on the British singer’s hugely successful 2014 single Thinking Out Loud, which went on to win two Grammys at the 2016 awards.

Ed has taken a break from public life this year (16) to work on his third album, but fans were treated to some of the flame haired star’s work on Sunday night (11Dec16) when it was revealed he’d written When Christmas Comes Around.

X Factor winner Matt Terry has released it as his first musical effort, but some of the singer's fans have slammed Ed on social media accusing him of“selling out” by associating himself with the TV singing contest.

“We said 'let's write a Christmas song' and that's what we did," Amy recalled, reports BBC’s Newsbeat. "We wrote this song and (Ed) said we should send it to Simon Cowell and then I got a call to say it's the X Factor's winners single.

“The way I pay my bills is from songwriting. Ed is so prolific that he's going to write so many songs in a year and not all of those songs are going to see the light of day. With Ed, all of this year has been preparing for his next album and for him to have released a Christmas song it just wouldn't have happened.”

Amy adds they both agreed the song was “lovely” and they should give it away. And had Simon turned the track down, the songwriter says there’s every possibility they would have given it to another artist.

The pair wrote the Christmas song when Ed was playing around with tunes during a recording session at a studio in Nashville.

“(For it not to be used is) just a waste of a song,” she concluded, and she also reassured fans during the interview that they will get to hear Ed’s new music soon.