Ed Sheeran smashed up a car in his cousin's debut music video.

The 26-year-old singer-songwriter secretly starred in the promo clip for 'Skyla Rain', the first single from Alonestar, aka Jethro Sheeran, and can be seen in a hoodie at the 3 min 49 seconds mark using

what appears to be a crowbar to smash up a vehicle on set.

Jethro exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''My best memories with Ed is making music when we were kids, together in the studio, having fun and doing good things. We came up with crazy ideas and I shot my first video [Skyla Rain] with him, it was really fun.''

And even without a big budget - as neither of them had the cash to splash on props and creative visuals at the time - the pair managed to bag themselves a gritty car compound back drop location and a motor to smash up free-of-charge, in order to create a visual spectacular for the video shot in the middle of East London.

Jethro, 31, explained: ''Luckily, around the corner from the studio there was a massive car pound there, it was just getting to the evening and there was a bonfire in the middle of it so we asked if we could use the fire.

''Me, Ed and the directors went in and I rapped beside the fire. The owner said, 'You can have a car if you want and smash it up'. So it's in my video and Ed's smashing it up with a hoodie on but you can't really see him. That was a fun time because we were given this car for free - we didn't have much of a budget.''

And fond memories like this and battle-rapping with the 'Shape of You' hitmaker are what Jethro says means more to him than any record deal.

He explained: ''We'd always freestyle jokes, talking about each other's looks and our families and stuff like that - battle-rapping each other - and he'd [Ed] always put on an accent so I'd have to get him back in my raps and he'd play the guitar. These are all happy, funny memories, that's what life is about and that's the good memories I have. Smoking weed and all that stuff is nothing compared to really making music - before we had plans, before we had a record label and before there was any money involved.''