Ed Sheeran partied in various Irish pubs whilst on tour, his support act Anne-Marie has revealed.

The 'Ciao Adios' hitmaker is currently supporting the 27-year-old megastar in the UK, and has admitted she found it more ''scary'' performing in the bars at the private after-parties than she did in front of stadium crowds of around 80,000 people each night when they were in Ireland.

Appearing on the 'Hits Radio Breakfast Show' on Tuesday (05.06.18), she said of the tour: ''Yeah, so that was scary but also we had some nights we'd go to a local pub and that was on the Irish part of the tour. He'd hire out a little pub area and the Irish folk would be doing some music. They would be playing musical instruments in the pub, and then they asked me to sing and I was probably even more nervous to do that. It was kind of like 20 people than 80,000.

''But I love touring to be honest. I feel like my body was made for it because I just don't have a sleeping pattern. I don't really sleep much and I don't really eat properly. I mean I eat well. I eat a lot of food but I eat whenever I can, I sleep whenever I can, so I feel like I'm just like the touring master.''

After performing to a sold-out 40,000 people at Boucher Playing Fields in Belfast, Northern Ireland, last month, Ed continued the party at nearby Maddens Bar in the city centre.

An onlooker said at the time: ''He had his guitar with him so he must have arrived with the intention of playing a few hits. He was happy to chat away with the locals and have a drink. He really seemed to enjoy himself in the pub.

''Maddens is famous in Belfast for traditional music and someone in Ed's team heard about this and told him it would be a good place to relax after the gig. Everyone had a great time and were singing along while he played the guitar.''

Anne-Marie's insight into life on the road with Ed comes after his other support act, Beoga - who co-wrote 'Galway Girl' on 'Divide' - said it was all ''fun'' and games backstage, but that they were sworn to secrecy over any pranks the 'Supermarket Flowers' hitmaker played on his opening acts.

Asked if Ed had tricked them backstage, the trad group's Bodhran player Eamon Murray exclusively told BANG Showbiz: ''There have been bits and pieces, probably nothing that I can talk about.

''It's all good, he's fun and a lot of his friends and the crew are all really tight, so there is always a bit of messing going on backstage.

''It's a good atmosphere to be in compared to some other backstage places we've been in.''